EISK5-GT Gigabit Switch

The EISK5-GT/H gigabit switching hub is designed as an aid in diagnosing Ethernet communication issues and debugging software. This device has all of the features of a normal switch except that — like a repeating hub — it passes messages received by any port to all other ports. This allows the activity of all ports to be monitored by a “sniffer” attached to any port — an ability that would otherwise require the “port mirror” function of a more costly managed switch.

The five ports of the EISK5-GT/H offer features that traditional repeating hubs do not. Each port supports Auto-MDIX — so either straight-through or crossover cabling can be used. The collision domain is terminated at each port so there is no cabling length limit — except that each segment cannot exceed the 100 m specification for Ethernet. Store-and-forward operation mitigates against lost messages. Each port automatically negotiates its data rate to 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1000Mbps. The EISK5-GT/H has five Auto-MDIX ports for attaching local devices. In addition to a power LED, each port has LEDs showing link/activity/rate. The EISK5-GT/H is powered from a low-voltage source and is provided with a writeable label for easy identification of the remote device attached to each cable.
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